Search Process

An efficient, comprehensive search process is our top priority.


Due Diligence

We meet with you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of your company, including: corporate culture, team dynamics, individual personalities, and management styles.

Job Description

We help you fine-tune the job description to define requirements and skill-sets to attract the highest caliber candidates.

Candidate Identification & Research

We mine potential candidates from our extensive network of target companies and databases, ensuring that you see the best possible candidates — including candidates who are not actively seeking a job. Many of our candidates are referred to us by individuals we know and respect.

Candidate Interviews

We meet all selected candidates, and carefully evaluate their qualifications for the position — as well as professional motivations, expectations, chemistry, readiness to transition, and overall “fit” with your corporate culture.

Presentation of Candidates

We present a select panel of candidates for initial interviews — typically three to four candidates, and manage all logistics to keep the interview process efficient.

Client Feedback

We follow-up after every interview to obtain feedback and ascertain fit. Typically, we are on target with our first panel of candidates. If not, we continue to identify additional qualified and interested candidates until final offer and acceptance.

Reference Checks

Our reference checks go far beyond verification of dates and previous employers and thoughtfully probe for information.


With Beyer & Kelley, the end of the search is just the beginning of our on-going relationship. We follow-up to monitor that your new hire has met your highest expectations.